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Copywriting and content creation for businesses and digital agencies

Whether you’re a small to medium business, a web designer or a digital agency, if you need copy for a website, blog, email newsletter or any other occasion where you can’t find the words- rest assured I can. I’m here to help.

Website Copy

Over 70% of people research a company online BEFORE visiting a store or making a purchase. 48% of people will stop looking at a website if the copy is bad- let’s make sure yours isn’t just good, it’s great.


Blog & Article Copy

Strong blog and article content on your website will increase your SEO ranking. Whether it’s long form, sales based copywriting you’re after, or short punchy content creation- I can create exactly what you need.

Newsletter Copy

There are 293 billion emails sent around the world everyday. It’s more critical than ever to stand out from the crowd. I’ll help you ensure your business does just that, with quality content and convincing copy.

Copywriting vs Content Creation

What’s the difference, you ask? Put simply, good copywriting is taking long form copy (lots of words) and stilling it down into succinct, understandable language that is designed to SELL.

Content creation focusses on taking dot point information and expanding on those ideas. Often it’s evoking and can position your business as a ‘thought leader’. For article and blog writing you probably need a content creator.

SEO Content

Good digital copywriting also has a strong background in SEO, ensuring what you have to say is constantly working toward your business objectives.

As a copywriter, I work closely with SEO industry experts to make sure that your web copy is geared to increase your Google ranking.

SEO is a marathon not a sprint and should always be treated as such. If you’d like to learn more on this subject, please get in touch.

“Hannah has been our go-to copywriter for several years. She provides website, blog and SEO content for our clients. She has a vibrant, unique writing style that breaks away from the usual stuffy corporate jargon. Hannah’s writing actually engages readers and she is fantastic to work with.”

Luke Jamieson- CEO, Website Boss

“Hannah is one of the best copy writers I have contracted. We have a very specific voice when it comes to my branding and Hannah was able to pick it up right away. She has a gift and a way with words, which is exactly why we needed her. I couldn’t recommend her enough!!”

Leah Itsines- Cook and wellness personality

Why choose me as your copywriter?

Hi, I’m Hannah

My many years of in depth experience working as a copywriter with small to medium businesses, as well as very large national organisations, has taught me to write in a myriad of scenarios. 

My clients are continually impressed with my ability to adapt to the tone and ethos of their brand. From roofing services to new age diet tips- I’ve got you covered.

In a world where we’re overloaded with information retaining a reader’s interest is essential. I create copy that doesn’t bore the reader into submission, but excites them about who you are and how your business can help them.

It goes without saying that all copy provided will be to the highest quality. I personally write or edit all content that I send out. I don’t hire cheap, offshore writers and resell their work as my own. Your customers can see straight through this and so can mine. It tarnishes everyone’s brand reputation.


I do the work

As your copywriter, I personally write or edit every piece of content you receive. There’s no middle man marketing here.

Precise, audience focussed copy

I get to know your business and your audience to ensure a seamless brand association. No matter the topic, your content needs to be digestible and easy for the reader to understand. I will make sure your business comes across as approachable, yet knowledgeable and authoritative. 

Professional and down to earth service

I’m a person, not a robot. While I pride myself on my exceptional level of service, I’m also always up for a laugh. Life shouldn’t be taken too seriously, copy should.  

Engaging and evoking content

Marketing is about connecting your customer to a story and selling them an emotion. I let your readers know you understand them and are there to help fulfil their needs.

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